Sample tracks from Randall Keith with
 Heather & The Hurricanes

 Track 1 /It's About To Happen|

 Track 2 /As The Eagle Flies

 Both tracks recorded with "Randy, Heather & The Hurricanes"


 Sample tracks from 2010's
 In The Doghouse

 Track 1 /In The Doghouse|
 Track 2 /15 Minutes Of Fame
 Both tracks recorded with "Alpha Dog"
Sample tracks from 2009's Four Decades of Original Music CD:

Track 1 /Only Heaven Knows |
Track 2 / Her Own Reality
Both tracks recorded with "The Pignotti Project"

Samples from Original 2006
CD: Randall Keith with Alpha Dog

Track 1 /
Sweet Dreams

Track 2 / Wonderin

Track 3 / Skin  a Cat


Samples 2002's CD: Randall Keith and the New Units.

Track 1 / Soul Food |
Randall Keith-Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard
Chris Dane-Bass

Track 2 / Surrogate Father |
The original Units:
Randall Keith -Guitar
Rob Joseph -Bass
Steve Stewart -Vocals
Ron Burroughs -Drums

Track 3 / High Fashion Thing |
The original Units